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Sister of My Heart: A Novel

Sister of My Heart - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni This is a story about two young woman, Sudha and Anju, whose life were intertwined by horrible fate of their fathers. They have stark difference in characters, yet deeply in love with each other. In their sisterly relationship, one family secret disclosed has led Sudha to feel threatened emotionally, and vowed to protect her sister no matter what happened. The secret is what ties the stories until the end - and how it's cleverly developed and revealed has not failed to keep me reading until the end. It never occurred to me at first, that such an adventure would still be pursued in 21st century, but I regard it to show the fragility of human nature when it's facing unbound love and necessity to provide the basics for those they love. I especially appreciate the issues surrounding women; such as abortion, right of choice in marriage and freedom of women to decide on matters concerning them. Though India is in the background, and it is culturally more patriarchal than Malay culture in many ways, but it still rings true and applicable to lots of women situation. The strength of the characters to finally accept and adapt to their womanly fate in that system which is unfair towards them, left me basked in the beauty of human resilience.